SiteButler Is…

… a fully managed service that will backup your website, install critical updates, and (like a good butler) keep everything running smoothly.

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What does SiteButler do for you?

SiteButler is designed to be an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to keep your website backed up and the software up to date. For $35 a month, you get:

  • Ongoing Backups – of your content (posts, pages, products, events, locations, etc – everything in the database); your files and media; and your themes
  • Patching – Checks once a month for updates and patches of the main WordPress software as well as all plugins. Then installs them after reviewing to ensure there are no conflicts
  • Plugin Evaluation – Checks for and notifies you about add-ons which are corrupt, conflicting, mis-configured, or incompatible.

SiteButler also includes these services on an as-needed basis:

  • Restoration – of the website back to its state at the time of any existing backup.
  • Data Delivery – Provide website files as a single password-protected zip-file download from a secure location on
  • Plugin Remediation – Fix (or avoid) problems identified as part of SiteButler‘s Plugin Evaluation option.

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