The Butler Behind the Curtain

Want to know what’s really going on behind the scenes of SiteButler? I’ll be the first one to tell you it’s not arcane voodoo or some copyrighted special sauce.

The first place to start is my (mostly) Simple Guide to WordPress Backups and Updates. That will give you some of the background behind the how, when, and why of WordPress backups and updates.

Meanwhile, I use WordPress’ own VaultPress plugin for the backup piece.

Yes, that’s right. I use someone else’s plugin to do some of the heavy lifting. In this case “someone else” is WordPress itself. On top of that, there’s no shame in acknowledging a well-written tool; and no pride to be gained by making something myself that does the same thing. In fact, it’s a waste of time and money – yours.

But that just covers the backup piece. SiteButler also gets you my time and effort where it counts, and where a plugin can’t do the same job as a human being:

  • evaluating your plugins and make sure nothing is end-of-life
  • performing any updates to the core WordPress software, plugins, and themes
  • ensuring none of the updates broke your site
  • verifying that you have the latest and greatest plugins for what you are trying to do, and suggesting alternatives if the plugin is end-of-life

It also covers one restore per year (should you need it) and one data delivery (if requested).

All in all, it’s a fantastic value, and probably cheaper than doing it yourself, if you were honest about the value of your time.

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