Terms of Service

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SiteButler is designed to be an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way have the peace of mind that your website is safe and up to date, without having to become a system administrator

For $35 per month, you will receive a fully managed service that will backup your website, install critical updates, and (like a good butler) keep everything running smoothly. Specifically, we will perform the following services:

Core Features

  • Ongoing Backups
    At least once per day, we will make a backup copy of your content (posts, pages, products, events, locations, etc – everything in the wordpress database), along with your files and media, and your themes. These backups are stored off-site (meaning NOT on your web server) so they can be restored even if your server “dies” or you have to change to a new hosting server.
  • Plugin Updates
    Once a month a human operator will check your site for updates and patches of the main WordPress software as well as all plugins. This operator will review those updates to ensure there are no potential conflicts, and will then installs them. After installation, the operator will check every page of your website to ensure that nothing has been negatively affected.
  • Plugin Evaluation
    During the monthly update, if we find a plugin that has become seriously compromised (it’s a security risk or is negatively affecting the display of your website) we will notify you immediately
  • Quarterly Report
    Every quarter, we will provide you with a summary of the work we’ve performed and the status of your site. We’ll tell you when we updated your website each month, which plugins you are running, and whether any of your plugins or software is nearing “end of life” and should be replaced. (click here for sample report)

Additional Services

Your SiteButler plan also includes these services on an as-needed basis:

  • Restoration
    Should your website experience problems, we will restore it (either to the original server or to a new web hosting service).
  • Data Delivery
    On request, we will provide you with a single compressed archive file that contains your entire website. This file will be downloadable from a secure, password-protected area on AdatoSystems.com.
  • Plugin Remediation
    We will fix problems with out-of-date or corrupted plugins which have been identified as part of SiteButler‘s Plugin Evaluation or Quarterly Report options.

Fees & Conditions

SiteButler is available to customers with WordPress-based sites at a rate of $35 per month paid in advance via an online money transfer service (PayPal).

An initial setup fee of $105 will be charged to cover setup and the first 3 months of service. This is not in addition to the $35 per month service fee. It is simply the first 3 months paid up-front.

Once the initial 3 months are completed, the customer will continue with online payments either as a subscription or manually.

Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, or as a one-time amount for a full year. This does not include the one-time initial setup charge.

SiteButler customers with current accounts receive one free data restoration (“Restoration” under the Additional Services section of this document) and one data delivery (“Data Delivery” under the Additional Services section of this document) per calendar year. Additional Restoration or Data Delivery requests will be performed for the standard monthly rate (ie: $35).

Plugin Remediation (per the Additional Services section of this document) will be performed at the atandard monthly rate (ie: $35) per hour with no “minimum hours” limit.

The rate for these Additional Services for customers without a current account are:

  • Restoration $100 per hour, 2 hour minimum.
  • Data Delivery $50 per request. Files remain on server for 1 week and are then deleted.
  • Plugin Service $50 per hour, 1 hour minimum.
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