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SiteButler is available to customers with WordPress-based sites for $35 per month.

An initial setup fee of $105 covers setup and the first 3 months of service. (that’s still $35 a month. It’s just the first 3 months up front!)

Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, or as a one-time amount for a full year. This does not include the one-time initial setup charge.

Additional Services:

SiteButler customers with current accounts receive one free restore and one data delivery per calendar year. Other services cost SiteButler customers the standard monthly rate (ie: $35) per hour with no “minimum hours” limit.

The rate for customers without SiteButler service are:

  • Restoration $100 per hour, 2 hour minimum.
  • Data Delivery $50 per request. Files remain on server for 1 week and are then deleted.
  • Plugin Service $50 per hour, 1 hour minimum.

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Or if you are already registered you can click here to sign up for automatic monthly payments and start your service today!

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